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See how your neighbors have experienced their new homes built fast in Delaware and their new homes built fast in Maryland. Read the reviews and see for yourself!

"This was the first home building experience for us. I had been told building a home was a difficult sometimes painful experience but our experience was wonderful. Bay to Beach is a great company to work with and we highly recommend them. They make sure things are right and the way you want them."
Bruce Kupchak and Susan Godesky
First home-building experience
"We are very picky people and hold high standards. We researched several builders and were very impressed with Bay to Beach Builders, especially their Design Studio. If you are looking to build a new home, we have done the homework for you@ Attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, friendly and knowledgeable staff and contractors made this an easy choice for us. No games, no surprises, our home was built on-time and on budget even during the blizzard of 2016."
Jim and Joan Scholl
Bay to Beach - an easy choice for us
After meeting with several builders we decided on Bay to Beach because of their philosophy, team, approach to working with their customers, items included in their cost estimates, and workmanship/craftsmanship.

The entire team at Bay to Beach was professional, courteous, and a delight to work with. Their desire to meet and exceed expectations was fully realized in every way, down to the smallest details. They exhibited integrity, commitment, and dedication to producing a well-built home that they could be proud of because it was important to them. Their personal and professional values were evident throughout the process and resulted in a well-built home that we know we will enjoy for years to come.
Andrea and Arnold Edelman
Integrity, Commitment and Dedication
When asked how things were progressing on his new home under construction, Clay Tatman said, "It's awesome! I'm blown away. When Deric says he's going to do something, it get's done."
Clay Tatman
Blown Away
We have been extremely pleased with your staff and contractors. The timely manner you got our new home completed went above & beyond our expectations. Thank you!!!
Bobby, Jessica & Austin Walls
Extremely Pleased
The last 9 months of our lives have been exciting, challenging and apprehensive, as one can expect with the construction of a new home. There are many important decisions and choices which can affect the outcome of new construction. Marc's patience and step-by-step guidance helped us through the planning, design and construction phases of fulfilling the dream of a quality built and energy efficient home.

As with any project, the execution proves to be the most difficult part of any new home construction. The trade skill experience of Deric and Shelby's crews transformed a blueprint sketch into a well-crafted Cape within budget and time constraints.

Your teamwork, 'can do attitude' and, most importantly, your construction experience have given us a home which will last for a lifetime. Angie and I would like to thank the Bay to Beach team in helping us make the right decisions with their constant attention to construction details. We truly feel blessed that we chose Bay to Beach.
John and Angie Malamon
Our Home will last a Lifetime
Our 30 year dream has come true, and we now know that Bay to Beach Builders is so much more than 'just a builder'! It was a pleasure working with you throughout the entire process.
Terry and Christine Thomas
More than "Just a Builder"
Jim and I thank you... It was a phenomenal experience! We so enjoyed your wonderful crew and have the highest regard for the artful way in which you integrated content, skills and knowledge with the timing of the whole process. Absolutely amazing! You are an outstanding commander-in-chief and yet such a wonderful colleague to all your workers who make the process possible. Shelby deserves such great credit too for being an important part of the Bay to Beach team. Such a colleague is invaluable. He serves selflessly and yet makes the success possible. Shelby is a phenomenal asset and deserves just as much credit for the success of Bay to Beach. Congratulations to the whole team- a magnificent crew. You have done well all these years in 'creating' Bay to Beach, founded in firm values that won't erode over time. We greatly appreciate your dedication and philosophical foundations which you hold dear. I wish more of America worked with such ideals.

Thank you for everything. The kids will be astonished with the process. Incredible! Thanks for allowing us to share this experience.
Jane and Jim Bonbright
A Magnificent Crew
It was our pleasure doing business with your company. We definitely recommend you to everyone. During the whole process of building our new home, dealing with you guys was the absolute easiest part of the process. We have really enjoyed every day in our wonderful home.
Mike and Julia Goff
Definitely Recommend You
Thank you so much for all the hard work that was put into our new home. We could not be happier with the finished product and we are very happy we got to work with your company.
Michael and Samantha Fisher
Could not be Happier
Bob and I want to thank you personally and your staff for building our beautiful home. It was a pleasure conducting business with you and Bay to Beach Builders and your staff. Everyone conducted themselves in such a professional manner! The experience was really fun for us and of course you know how much we love our 'new digs'.
Bob and Jackie Sample
We love our “new digs”
Thank you for being so professional in all your work. It was our pleasure to have you build our new home.
Ed and Barbara Beachy
So Professional in all your work
We have a home from Bay to Beach and you couldn't ask for a better home and an excellent builder. All sizes and shapes and they will work with you to make it 'yours'!
Curtis and Lynn Futty
Excellent Builder
Bay to Beach made our dream come true.
Tim and Laurene Johnson
Our Dream Come True
We are sincerely grateful for the hard work and effort your entire staff put into the design, building and erection of our new home. It is very difficult in these times to find a company where respect, integrity and professionalism are shown in all aspects.

During this hot summer, when all of our neighbors are complaining about their power bills, we are so pleased with how energy efficient this big house is! Our utility bills have been just a bit above those we had for our old 1,100 square foot house. I'm sure it's the combination of our upgraded energy efficient heat pumps, the 2 x 6 exterior insulated walls and the energy efficient windows.

Thank you for making our dream home come true and for taking so much pride in your work. We would highly recommend your company to anyone.
Ed and Bernadette Gesser
Respect, Integrity and Professionalism…plus Energy Efficient home!
Thank you for all you have done, in making our new home a dream come true. You have a great team, and we highly recommend you to anyone.
Leroy and Nancy Hooper
Highly Recommend You
What an amazing job Bay to Beach did on building our dream home. We couldn't be happier with the service and all of the crews it took to build our home. We found out very quickly through researching companies to build our new home that Bay to Beach Builders was in a league all it's own! We could not be more impressed from the service to the craftsmanship. They truly set the bar high. Thank you for exceeding our expectations!
Scott and Denise Crockett
Set the Bar High
We love our new Appletree home - the finishes are great. This was the perfect design for my wife and I who were looking to downsize.
Paul and Mary Ellen Novak
Appletree Home is Perfect
In May of 2015, construction began on our house. We were amazed at how fast the Amish crew had the house framed and closed in, and that just three months after construction began, our house was completed with an approved CO. From the beginning Deric promised us that he was going to build us a quality home and he delivered on that promise. We are so happy we chose Bay to Beach and would recommend them 100%.
Rich and Jill Borowsky
Amazed at Speed
We feel the quality of our home is as good or better than other builders we could have had....but the differentiating factor for us was clearly the people on Deric's staff.
Ken and Nancy Olson
The Staff Set Them Apart
There was not a day without some communication! No detail was left out. Work was on schedule and performed as planned, from digging the foundation 'til we started moving in! We are and have been very pleased with the quality of work and the precision of the work.
Jim and Cathy Siegman
Very Pleased with Quality

New Homes Built Fast Delaware New Homes Built Fast Maryland

See how your neighbors have experienced their new homes built fast in Delaware and their new homes built fast in Maryland. Read the reviews and see for yourself!

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