How The Custom Home Building Industry Has Adjusted To COVID-19

With most of the country locked down due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, non-essential businesses everywhere have been ordered to shut down. Homebuilders and custom home builders across the country have been greatly affected by the outbreak of this pandemic. Many custom home builders are wondering how to get through this crisis. We're going to take a look at how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the custom home building industry and how home builders are adjusting.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Home Builders

As the country seems to cautiously lock down to stem the spread of the coronavirus, thousands of businesses have been forced to shut their doors. Unfortunately, many home builders have been similarly affected. Homebuilders everywhere have had to put projects on hold or are having trouble bringing in new business. It is now becoming time for many custom home builders to embrace what is now becoming the new normal for the wider real estate industry – going virtual.

How Home Builders Can Adjust To COVID-19

In a time where limited contact is required, you have to be able to adjust to offer potential customers a glimpse into what you can offer them. Many home builders have resorted to visualizers, virtual home builds and tours, and more to help consumers stay up to date and informed when it comes to designing their dream custom home.


With a visualizer tool, you can design and create an idea of what your custom home would be like. Swap out siding, roofing, home layouts, and more to your heart’s content! If you are looking for a custom home builder, be sure to find one with a visualizer tool so you can see your dream home come to life before your eyes.

Virtual Tour

With a virtual tour, you can see the different home models and styles that a custom home builder offers. Take a stroll through each home as if you were there in person. With a virtual tour, you can begin to imagine your life in your dream home.


Things are changing rapidly both in the custom home building industry and in the world. With the uncertainty of the coronavirus, new norms are popping up throughout society. If you are looking for a custom home builder during this crisis, be sure to contact Bay to Beach Builders for your custom home building needs. Check out their website to use their visualizer tool and access their virtual tours. With these tools, you can begin to imagine what your life would be like in your dream home!