How To Decorate For Fall 2020


With the fall fast approaching, many of us are thinking about how we’re going to decorate our homes for the upcoming season. But how do you do it effectively? And when can you start putting up fall decorations? Let’s take a look. 


When can you start putting up fall decorations? 

Knowing when precisely fall starts depends on what the weather does. Sometimes, heatwaves can continue well into September and even October, depending on where you live, meaning that you need to allow some flexibility in your plan. 


In general, most people switch to more autumnal decorations from the end of August through to the middle of October. Earlier than this, you risk creating seasonal confusion. Any later, and you’re fast approaching the winter holiday and Christmas season, shortening the life of your displays. 


People use two main signals to transition their decorations to autumnal themes: the changing colors of leaves and colder weather. 


Interestingly, these two factors don’t always coincide and are mostly independent of each other. Cold weather arrives when polar weather patterns move south and inundate your particular region with brisk breezes and, occasionally, sleet and snow. The changing colors of leaves, by contrast, relates to the shortening of days. Trees do it automatically in response to fewer daylight hours. You can use either of these signals as a legitimate reason to change your decor. 


How do you decorate for autumn? 

Decorating for autumn is seasonal, so you don’t want to make radical changes to your interiors that you’ll have to alter again when you reach the winter. 


The first step is to create a fall decorating timetable that you can use to determine the sequence in which you’ll do things. Most homeowners don’t get everything done in a single day. Instead, they create a plan for building the atmosphere in their homes throughout September and October. 


Here’s an example of how you could break up tasks over a period of four weeks: 


  • Week one - collect your materials. The first step is to collect materials. If everything you need is already in a box in the attic, you don’t need to do a great deal at this stage. Sometimes, though, you want to add to your collection, which could involve a little shopping, either in-store or online. 
  • Week two - add seasonable elements. As the weather starts to get colder, you need to start making practical changes to your home. It could be something as simple as upgrading to warmer bedding or ensuring you have plenty of firewood ready for the burner. 
  • Week three - add seasonal ornaments and accessories. The next stage is to add seasonal ornaments to your interiors, such as pine cones, candles, and pumpkins. Try redecorating your mantel or adding extra plush cushions and throws to your sofas. 
  • Week four - set up autumn activities. Finally, you should apply your decor in a way that lets you feel more autumnal too. Things like putting chairs closer to sources of warmth and creating foraged displays can give you that quintessential fall feeling. 


How do I make my home cozy for fall?

So far, we’ve discussed some very general ways to make your home cozier for the fall. Now, let’s take a look at some of the specifics. 


Top of your list should be upgrading or updating your rugs and throws. Keeping hard floors exposed in the summer helps to keep the temperature down and allows you to cool off. But as the weather becomes colder, rugs and throws become essential. Try placing a large rug underneath your bed or coffee table, so you always have something soft to stand on. 


Next, try warming up your window treatments. Sheer linen curtains are great for summer but come the fall, they can start feeling chilly and unwelcoming. Try using thick drapes instead, or heavy curtains with thermal linings, as these will help keep the heat in the house. 


During the fall, light levels naturally entering your home also drop off as the days become shorter. Switching to softer lighting, therefore, can help bring your interiors into line with the season. Remember, you don’t have to use old, inefficient incandescent anymore. Many vendors now supply LED bulbs specially treated to emit a warm, natural light. 


Putting all your favorite memories on the wall won’t make you feel any warmer physically, but it can create that cozy fall feeling. Holiday photos or pictures of relatives can all help generate the unmistakable mood of the season. 


So, will you use any of these ideas in your home? Don't forget these design tips when decorating to maximize space and create a beautiful home!