Amish Built vs. Regular Homes: What’s the Difference?


Amish Built Homes: The Tangible Difference

Amish built homes are revered for their quality and attention to detail. This is why Amish constructions are highly coveted living spaces among homebuyers. 

At Bay to Beach Builders, we partner with local Amish craftsmen in the Maryland and Delaware region to create ideal living spaces for our clients that are one-of-a-kind, built to specifications, and constructed to last. The specialists that we work with include expert masons, framers, exterior finishers, trim and finish carpenters, and cabinet makers. This partnership between traditional master craftsmanship and modern innovation leads to homes that exceed expectations.

So, What Are Amish Built Homes? 

Amish built homes are hand-constructed by Amish craftsmen using traditional techniques and a masterful eye for detail. Contrary to popular perception, though people in Amish communities do not typically use electricity themselves, homes that they build for non-Amish clients are completely wired and ready for you to connect all of your devices. 

Due to Amish builders’ incredible work ethic and pride in their crafts, you will receive a superior-quality finished product with no shortcuts taken during the construction process. You will often find that Amish built homes include far more extra details than something like a prefabricated home could offer. 

How are Amish Built Homes Different from Regular Homes? 

Here are a few ways that Amish built homes differ from a standard house: 

Everything Done By Hand 

From cutting the lumber to finishing elements, Amish homes are constructed by hand with impeccable craftsmanship. These traditional techniques result in stunning, sturdy living spaces that are built to last for generations. 

Exceeded Expectations and Specifications

Contractor horror stories are nothing new. Search online and you will find many stories of unethical construction companies cutting corners on the job, underdelivering on their promises, or even abandoning job sites altogether. 

The Bay to Beach team and our Amish trade partners both share an ethical conviction to deliver the exact quality that we promise to our customers, if not exceed what they expect. Amish craftsmen thoroughly inspect their work and do not declare a job complete until it meets their standards. 

At Bay to Beach Builders, we will work with you to create a construction plan that results in a home that matches your exact specifications. Then, the Amish craftsmen we partner with will fulfill the building process alongside our team. Their attention to detail blows us away each time, and we’re confident that you will feel the same when you see your completed living space. 

Every Amish Built Home is Unique to the Buyer 

Because the Amish builders construct every home by hand, no two are exactly the same. Unlike prefabricated homes or suburban developments, you do not have to choose from a cookie-cutter catalog of different preset models to move into. Many times, homebuyers that choose a home like these ones often either spend tens, if not hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on expanding their living space or selling a cherished property to move into a larger living space. 

An Amish built home results in a space that is truly your own. Though we are confident that our team will match your needs, we do understand that life changes happen. If you decide that you need to expand your Amish home, what better way to do that than work with the same team that built it in the first place? 

Should you ever decide you need to expand one of your homes, our Amish craftsmen will be able to manage this project and create additions that meet the same rigorous quality standards that guided the original construction. 

Why Build Your Next Home Instead of Buy It 

Though there is no shortage of great existing homes on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, building a home can be an exciting new experience for those looking to move or add a vacation property to their portfolio. 

Some benefits of building your next home include: 

  • Choosing the exact number of rooms, their layout, features, and overall square footage
  • Structural elements, appliances, etc. will all be in pristine condition 
  • Selecting the exact location where you want to live 
  • And more! 

Experience the Quality of Amish Built Homes Today

Bay to Beach Builders partners with local Amish craftsmen to create beautiful living spaces for our clients that match your specifications, the highest standards for detail, and are built to last for generations. If you are interested in learning more about Amish built homes, please contact us anytime to speak with one of our team members.