The Difference Between Custom Built and Production Built Homes

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It may surprise you to learn that of all remodeling jobs, 35% are whole home renovations. But instead of remaking their current houses to fit their needs, some homeowners opt for custom built homes (such as Amish built homes) or production built homes. In choosing between these two methods, you'll need to carefully consider how much input you want to have while your new construction home is being built. Here is a comparison of custom building versus production building.

The Difference Between Custom and Production Building

A production builder erects a group of houses based on a selection of floor plans. Features can be adjusted to some degree according to the homeowner's preferences. By contrast, a custom builder provides a unique house that allows much more input from the homeowner and can be erected on a single plot of land.

What Production Builders Offer

The National Association of Home Builders (HAHB) reports that production builders typically offer:

    • A package including a house and land
    • A variety of floor plans
    • The flexibility to let you choose design features from a predetermined list within product categories
    • Homebuilding with costs that appeal to new homeowners as well as those seeking luxury homes

What Custom Builders Offer

    • The house can be erected on your own plot of land
    • You can provide a floor plan or ask the builder to create one from scratch
    • You are free to hire an architect and builder of your choosing or to work with a company that provides both design and construction
    • You will have the chance to decide on many more features of the home's design
    • You will have the opportunity to choose from almost all products in a given category, instead of being confined to a predetermined list of options

The Process of Production Home Building

A production builder works with a community developer to create an appealing array of different homes. Builders employ a variety of house types, floor plans, and the number of elevations to make houses stand out from one another. One model of a home may be constructed with different sidings and colors to give each house a distinctive look.

You will usually begin by choosing a plot of land and a floor plan from the production builder's collection of plans. You may have the chance to specify the purpose of an extra room, which might include a spare bedroom, a media room, or a home office. You will then work with the builder to choose features according to your personal preferences, including the overall style and exterior color as well as items like carpets, flooring, and kitchen cabinets and appliances. You will not be able to alter aspects of the essential design, such as square footage or floor layout.

The Process of Custom Home Building

Custom homes can cost more than production built homes. The exception to this is Amish built homes, which offer considerable savings in construction costs without sacrificing construction quality. The final cost will depend on several key factors, such as the size of the house, the complexity of the design, and the materials you choose. Some think that custom built houses are huge in size with a price tag to match. In fact, they can take almost any form, from an unassuming ranch house to a multi-level dream home. You can give your custom builder a floor plan of your own design or hire an architect to create a plan just for you. You will be free to choose features, and you can collaborate with the builder on a floor plan that provides great views.

With Amish built homes and other types of custom built homes, you have almost unlimited options. Of course, you'll still have to keep your budget in mind and be aware of zoning rules and building codes in your area. If you like the idea of creating a home that is personalized for the needs of you and your family, custom home building may be the right option.

Building a home is a huge undertaking, so it's important to know what is involved at every step. Production building may be best for those who find the nearly limitless options of custom building to be overwhelming. If you're interested in a house that's created just for you, Amish built homes are an affordable, attractive choice. Call our team today to learn more.