Why You Should Build Your Beach House in Delaware


Why You Should Build Your Beach House in Delaware

Delaware’s beautiful shores are overlooked when considering a destination for building a custom beach house. Sandwiched between the popular Jersey Shore and Eastern Shore of Maryland regions, the First State’s own oceanfronts offer a more quiet and peaceful alternative without sacrificing the fun summer experience. 

At Bay to Beach Builders, we partner with Amish craftsmen to custom-build durable and breathtaking living spaces for clients looking for a Delaware beach house. We believe our home state makes a fantastic place to create your own unique summertime headquarters. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider Delaware for building your beach house: 

Rehoboth Beach is a Destination You Don’t Want to Pass Up! 

Delaware’s most popular summer destination, Rehoboth Beach offers a wealth of activities for people of all ages. Whether you want to relax on the sand, visit a waterpark, hit the boardwalk, or explore the local shops and restaurants, you will find something both individuals and groups can enjoy. 

Rehoboth Beach doesn’t just offer an unforgettable summer experience, but its popularity also positions it as a promising real estate investment opportunity. With a custom-built Rehoboth Beach property in your portfolio, you will have no problem attracting interested buyers if you decide to sell the home later. 

Things to Do in Rehoboth Beach 

Here are just some of the many activities to enjoy in Rehoboth Beach: 

  • Take the family to a fun location like Funland or Jungle Jim’s
  • Grab a delicious treat and enjoy the rides on North Boardwalk
  • Try one of the many fantastic beers at the famous Dogfish Head Brewery 
  • Explore one of the nearby parks like Cape Henlopen and Gordons Pond
  • Go boating and/or fishing at the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal
  • Drive go-karts at the Midway Speedway Park 
  • Shop and save on leading brands at one of the many outlet complexes on the way to the shore 

Other Great Shore Towns Near Rehoboth Beach

Some other Delaware shore towns that our clients like to build their new beach houses in include: 

  • Slaughter Beach
  • Prime Hook Beach
  • Broadkill beach
  • Lewes Beach
  • North Shores
  • Dewey Beach
  • Gulls Nest
  • Bethany Beach
  • York Beach

Many of these towns also offer a wealth of activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. While perhaps not as large or as busy as Rehoboth, you may actually prefer the smaller and quieter lifestyle these communities can provide. 


Did you know that Delaware has the seventh-lowest property taxes in the country? In fact, the average effective property tax rate clocks in at only 0.56%! This makes the First State a far more affordable option for a beach house when compared to neighboring states’ same rates, like New Jersey at a whopping 2.42% and Maryland at 1.07%. 

Delaware’s median home cost also proves far more affordable than these states as well. According to real estate listing site Zillow, Delaware’s median home cost is approximately $278K, with New Jersey at $367K and Maryland at $335K. For many Delaware presents an attractive alternative for building a beach house compared to its more expensive neighbors. 


Delaware’s central position along the East Coast of the United States means you can easily travel there to visit your new beach house or take a day-trip out of the region for other experiences. For example, you can ride a ferry from Cape May, New Jersey to Rehoboth Beach in under two hours. 

Amish Craftsmanship 

Many people associate the Amish community with more inland parts of the United States like Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Did you know that Delaware also has a significant amount of Amish neighbors? 

With an Amish-built home, you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind dwelling crafted to your exact specifications, constructed with materials that are built to endure for generations, and with centuries-old methods that are guided by the Amish’s rigorous quality standards. Rather than picking from a catalog of prefabricated homes, you can move into one as unique as you are. 

Bay to Beach Builders partners with our local Amish community to build custom homes for all clients along the Delaware shore and beyond. And for those unfamiliar with the Amish culture, yes, they will wire your house with electricity! They just choose not to use it in their own living spaces. 

Let’s Build Your Delaware Beach House Together

As award-winning custom home builders, we take pride in our mission to provide superior quality living spaces for our clients. Whether you want to move to a new permanent home in Delaware or enjoy the benefits of an excellent beach house, we can work with you to develop the solution that will best fit your specifications and preferences. 

To learn more about our custom homes, please contact us any time.