7 Benefits of Purchasing a New Construction Home


Having the right space can change how you live. Houzz reports that about 33% of homeowners state that their habits became healthier after they remodeled their kitchen. It’s possible that remodeling a single room may not bring about as drastic of a change as you may be hoping for. 

If you feel as if a complete change is necessary, like looking for a new home, you should consider new construction homes instead of existing houses. Here are seven benefits of purchasing a newly constructed home. You can discuss these benefits with a home builder in your area.


1. You'll Pay Less for Maintenance

It costs significantly less to maintain a new construction home than to maintain a preowned home. Newly built homes must adhere to current rules and building codes, so you won't have to pay for costly updates to meet safety standards. All of the plumbing fixtures, appliances, and heating and air conditioning systems are brand new, so you won't have to worry about fixing them for at least a few years. You'll have more money to spend on furnishing your home, and more time to spend learning about your new neighborhood, instead of spending time and money on updates and repairs for a preowned home. Check-in with your local home builder to learn more about these maintenance savings.


2. You'll Be Ready to Move in Right After You Buy

You may want a home that's ready for you to inhabit as soon as the papers are signed, due to your work schedule or because you don't want to pay for temporary housing while your new house is being remodeled. You can just gather up your belongings and start life in your new home right away.


3. You Can Enjoy Your New Energy Efficient Home

The newest construction materials, building methods, and technologies make new construction homes more energy-efficient, lowering your utility costs from the beginning. Many such homes have been built to meet the energy standards of an independent home energy rater, which means your home will come fully insulated; this will save on your heating and air conditioning costs. Some new home designs feature central air conditioning, which is highly energy-efficient, and which will further reduce your costs.


4. You'll Get the Protections of a New Home Warranty

Like new cars, new construction homes are frequently covered by warranties. If you have problems with your home, such as roof and plumbing leaks, your home builder pays

for repairs during the period covered by the warranty. By contrast, with a preowned house, you are responsible for all repairs, including those to fix problems you were never told about before the purchase.


5. You'll Have a Modern Design Suited to Your Lifestyle

Older preowned homes are often dim with uninspired layouts. Small rooms may have you thinking about costly remodels for spaces you want to enlarge.

You won't have this problem with a new construction home. The latest designs offer wide, open, light-filled spaces with high ceilings. You won't have to think about remodeling because these designs are created for family comfort. You'll enjoy spending time with friends and family in your large eat-in kitchen, and you'll have ample bedroom space with bathrooms close by.


6. You Can Immediately Create Your Own Style

In a preowned home, you'll probably find carpets you'll want to replace, wallpaper or paint you'll want to strip, and kitchen cabinets you'll want to tear out. If you work with a home builder on the construction of your home, you can design the layout and style of your home from the beginning. This will ensure you will not have to do any remodeling, the same way you would if you were buying a preowned home. You will also save time because you won’t have to shop around for a house that fits your ideal design. 

With several floor plan choices, you can select a space that works for you and your family. You can decide on tiles and other methods of flooring, kitchen countertop and cabinet materials, and paint colors for each room. You can enjoy the feeling of being the home's only owner, and not having to think about previous inhabitants.


7. You'll Have a New Community with New Amenities

A new construction home comes with a new community, one that offers features you may not find in other neighborhoods with preowned homes. Some communities provide social activities, gyms with fitness classes, pools, tennis courts, and other amenities.


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