What's the Difference in an Amish Built Home?

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The Amish have a reputation for being incredibly hard worker ad incredibly skilled craftsmen. After all, making things is part of their whole way of life. The Amish build their own homes, barns, churches, and other community buildings. They build fences, they make furniture. Heck, they even make their own clothing! The Amish are excellent home builders. Do you know what sets an Amish-built home apart?


Why an Amish Built Home is Different


Why do Amish built homes stand out from other custom homes? There are some pretty obvious jokes you might want to make, like that it's because they don’t have electricity. The Amish do live without using electricity for religious reasons it's true, but they build homes all the time that are completely wired for electricity. There's nothing lacking in an Amish-built home. In fact, by hiring a local Amish builder for your home you'll end up getting a lot more from your home than what most builders will offer.


Because the Amish are such hard workers and put such care into everything they do, an Amish-built home is completely handmade. There's nothing prefabricated here. There are no corners cut, nothing skipped. The Amish are precise with every single nail and all the steps to build a house, from laying the foundation to finishing the roof. The Amish put extra detail and extra care into every single thing they do, which makes them excellent home builders. Amish people pride themselves on taking the extra step, doing even more than most. This means that they put extra time and attention into building homes. The walls are sturdier. The floors are nicer. Every single detail has been tended to.


You can tell the difference in a custom built home that was created by the Amish. It's a difference you can literally see and feel.


Why You Should Consider a Custom Home


Having a custom home built is always nicer than finding a home on the market, even one that's a new construction project. When you want a new home, consider getting a custom built home that can be made to your specifications. You determine how many bedrooms you need, whether you want an office. Do you want a basement? A garage? With a custom home, you can get everything that's on your wish list.


Building a house is definitely a big undertaking and it can be very overwhelming. There's a lot to think about and when you build a custom home, you pick out everywhere. You'll choose the cabinets and the counters and the flooring material and all the paint colors. You'll pick the faucets and the bathtub and the lighting fixtures. You'll get to do it all, which can be a lot to handle. You'll even pick the hardwood for your drawer pulls!


But this can all be very exciting, too. With an Amish built home, you can get even more custom elements. You may want them to build your cabinets as well, for example. Find out what options are available to you and make your decision wisely. After all, you will hopefully be living in your home for a long, long time!


And if you can't get an entire Amish built home, consider a remodeling project to make your existing home feel like new again. In a survey fro Houzz, one-third of homeowners asked said they began to enjoy a healthier lifestyle after remodeling their kitchens.


Your New Home


Whatever decisions you make for your new home, take your time to make the decisions that are right for you. Have a working list of the features you absolutely have to have and the stuff you’d like to have, so it will be easier for you to examine your options and make the right decision according to what your needs happen to be. When you take the time to do it right, you wend up with a home that you can love for many years into the future.