What is Winter Like in Maryland?


How Much Snow Does Eastern Maryland Get During the Winter? 

In Maryland, an East Coast state which sees lovely, warm summers and chilly, snowy winters, you can almost guarantee yearly snowfall. The winter in Maryland consists of beautiful layers of snow which is just deep enough for a snowman building contest, but not quite so deep that you will be stuck indoors for six months… hopefully! 

The average seasonal snowfall in Maryland is 20.6 inches of snow. This varies from year to year, with the peak snowfall ever recorded at 262.5 inches of snow in one region.

Eastern Maryland, which of course runs along the coastline, generally gets less snowfall than the Western regions of the state. This is simply due to coastal winds driving the cold weather inland. You can expect fewer than the average 20 inches of snow in Eastern Maryland - around 12 inches is the approximate snowfall there.

What Are the Snowiest Months in Eastern Maryland? 

If you are thinking of visiting Maryland, or even moving permanently to the state, beware of the chilly months of December, January, and February! While the snowfall in Maryland is picturesque and enchanting, impede on a timely commute. Snowfall in these months is generally heavier than in the rest of the year.

What is the Average Temperature in Maryland During the Winter? 

According to Maryland’s government data, the state sees an average temperature of 31.4 degrees in the winter months. These freezing temperatures require some serious wrapping up, appropriate footwear, and hefty tires on your car. Maryland natives might be used to the cold, but for visitors from the south or west coast of the USA, the teeth-chattering weather can take some time to acclimate to. 

Is It Colder Living Near the Bay or Near the Ocean?

In general, although snowfall is heavier throughout inland Maryland, the temperature may be lower near to the ocean than in the Chesapeake Bay region. Chesapeake Bay is sheltered by the land that surrounds it, therefore preventing it from being battered by the elements. The Atlantic coast of Maryland is exposed to the ocean’s ferocious winds year-round with no natural barriers to protect it. For this reason, it is likely to be much colder living near to the ocean than the bay.

The average winter temperature in Chesapeake Bay is approximately 40 degrees, higher than the overall average of the state of Maryland. Alternatively, the average winter temperature on the Atlantic coast of Maryland is 21 degrees, far below freezing. If you are considering living on the ocean side of Maryland, prepare for freezing temperatures between November and February. 

What Are Popular Winter Activities in Eastern Maryland? 

Eastern Maryland is a popular tourist destination in the summer months, because of the amazing fishing and boating opportunities that the region gives. However, there is plenty to do in the winter time too! Here are five amazing activities for a winter in Eastern Maryland. 


  1. Eat delicious seafood! Eastern Maryland is world famous for its seafood delights, and this does not change in the winter. Winter is the oyster season, meaning that the seafood industry booms with visitors and locals alike, all wanting to get a fresh taste of the icy seas. 
  2. See stunning wildlife. If you love sea life, you are in the right place. Rare sea birds like ospreys and bald eagles are often spotted around Chesapeake Bay, making this the perfect wildlife tourism spot. 
  3. Ice skating. A classic winter sport around the world, Maryland is home to stunning ice skating rinks with breathtaking views. The weather is nearly perfect for winter sports, so head down to an ice rink for some family fun in the winter. 
  4. Attend the Festival of Trains. In the northeast city of Baltimore, there is a three-month festival of trains that runs from November to January every year. If you love trains or have kids who can’t get enough of their model train sets, this is the place for you.
  5. The Winterfest of Lights in Ocean City. Ocean City is very popular in the summertime, for obvious reasons, but in winter it is just as friendly and fabulous. The Winterfest of Lights showcases one million, yes, one million LED Christmas lights which will make even the grumpiest of Scrooge's feel festive. 

You May Love Maryland in Winter so Much that You Might Just Stay!

If you are planning a visit to Eastern Maryland, or perhaps considering a full-time move into a beautiful custom home, use this winter guide to transform your MD experience to something festive and beautiful! Have any questions about building a custom home in the region? Contact us anytime and we’d be happy to consult with you.