The Best Places in Maryland to Live


Are you looking to move to Maryland? Perhaps you’re looking for the best places in Maryland to live if you already have a home in-state and are looking for a change of scenery. 

We understand that searching for a place to live is not always easy. Packing up and moving your life somewhere new means leaving a comfortable environment you’re familiar with. 

To help you reduce some of that uncertainty, we’ve compiled this list of recommendations to help put your mind at ease. 

First Off - Why Move to Maryland? 

When you are looking for the best places in Maryland to live, consider its diversity. Whether you are looking for urban, suburban, coastal or rural living, there are options for almost anyone’s preferences. 

Even better, there is plenty of land along the Eastern Shore to build a custom home. You can create the home and life you’ve always wanted in almost any type of environment. 

Love the Outdoors? 

Eastern Maryland offers an especially broad range of choices. For example, Dorchester County is home to Ocean City, one of the busiest beaches in the country. Drive to the western side of the county and you can camp, fish, and hike in the Pocomoke River State Park! 

Dorchester County is an ideal destination for those who love the outdoors - especially water. If you want to connect with nature or exercise outdoors, look no further. 

Prefer a Maryland Suburb? 

Coastal and rustic lifestyles are not for everyone. Prefer something suburban? Both Dorchester County’s Cambridge and Queen Anne’s County’s Kent Island fit the bill. 

Cambridge is a bustling riverfront community with a small-town feel and busy local economy. Surrounded by mostly rural municipalities, it provides a suburban feel away from the cities. 

Located right in the heart of northern Chesapeake Bay, Kent Island provides residents with the calm of the suburbs while its largest town, Stevensville, sits just across the bridge from large cities like Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington DC. You can commute via the bridge to pursue a big-city career and return home to a more peaceful evening on the opposite side of the water. 

Give Me City Living! 

Want to live closer to a city? Wicomico County is home to Salisbury - the largest city on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Salisbury economy covers a variety of industries and professions and you can also pursue higher education opportunities at Salisbury University. 

Where is the Safest Place to Live in Maryland? 

According to a 2020 National Council for Home Safety and Security report from, Ocean Pines in Worcester County is the safest place to live in Maryland. Other municipalities east of the Chesapeake Bay that were mentioned in the report include: 

  • Easton (Talbot County) 
  • Salisbury (Wicomico County) 
  • Cambridge (Dorchester County) 

When looking for the best places to live in Maryland for you and your family, safety should be a top priority. Moving for a better quality of life means establishing yourself in a more secure place where you can enjoy the benefits of small-town or city living. 

What is the Cheapest City to Live in Maryland? 

Finding a new place to live that matches your budget is as important as safety. This is true especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic hardships it has caused for so many. 

If you want to move to Eastern Maryland, the cheapest cities can be found in the following counties

  • Dorchester County
  • Wicomico County
  • Caroline County
  • Worcester County 

To see the full ranking of Maryland counties by affordability, view the full report from Niche

So, Where is the Best Place to Live in Maryland? 

As we said, Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a fantastic place to live for people of all lifestyles, career paths, and interests. Whether you want to live somewhere urban, suburban, or rural, there is something for everyone. 

If you are looking for something that meets both affordability and safety, the Cambridge and Salisbury areas in Dorchester and Wicomico Counties, respectively, both meet these criteria. 

Why Cambridge is a Great Place to Live in Maryland 

Cambridge is a riverfront town with a small town, suburban feeling. Away from the big cities, yet still offering a busy local economy, you can find affordable housing, pursue a variety of job opportunities, and enjoy plenty of activities in the area both on land and water. 

Why Salisbury? 

Salisbury offers the conveniences of urban living without the tight spaces of larger cities. Here, you can find employment in a diverse economy, explore the downtown, and take your education further at Salisbury University. 

Build Your Own Best Place in Maryland to Live 

No matter where you decide to plant your roots, you will find something to love about the Old Line State. Our team loves life in Maryland. After all, we have built countless custom homes in places like Dorchester County, Caroline County, Wicomico County, and the surrounding areas. 

We want to help you build your own best place in Maryland to live and thrive. If you would like to speak with a Bay to Beach team member about custom homes, please contact us anytime.